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Over the years, Rob MacIntosh spread his wings. From being labelled a “wildlife artist” in the 80’s and 90’s to becoming a diverse artist in all fields of nature since 2000.

“Wildlife is one part of nature, but I also love the world around it. I needed to get out of that ‘wildlife box’ so I could enjoy painting what my heart desired.”

Rob MacIntosh was born in South Africa and as a young boy enjoyed drawing. His first art award that he won was at the age of seven. 

He has never been taught and never went to art school. His talent comes totally from within. A self-taught artist, which he tributes to his late father and grandfather a talent that ran in the family. After immigrating to the U.S. in 1988, his ambition to reach the top in his field knew no bounds.

He won his first merit award for Wildlife in 1989 and from then on, he enjoyed his success winning awards throughout America and Europe.

In 2003 he was comissioned to do a series of paintings for the Rupert family in South Africa. This took him back to his home country for a period of time, enjoying the African bush and landscape he so loved.

After completing the commissions, he returned to his home in Tucson to pursue his new found freedom in his art.

Rob tributes his success in this highly competitive art world to his dedication, determination, and most of all the love for what he does.

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