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See Rob in action as he brings magnificent landscapes, tranquil seascapes, and majestic animals to life. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel to see future videos and projects Rob is working on.


This is a style of art that evolved in the United States during the 1970s from a pop art root, and largely as a reaction against minimalism and abstract expressionism. Usually examples of photorealism make use of photographic material as a basis of creating work which is a tacit acceptance of the camera and photographs as legitimate sources which is, in effect, an acceptance of Modernism. The end result is intended to be an intense expression of realism as an advance on a two dimensional photographic image


Rob Macintosh displays enormous diversity in his work. Within the broad divisions of wildlife, landscape and seascape Rob explores a multiplicity of subject matter ranging from the signature rural and urban architecture of South Africa (available at the Ferriera gallery in Bryanston, Johannesburg) and America to sweeping compositions of the deserts, mountains and agricultural heartland of the region. Rob is a self taught artist which has tended to liberate him from much of the formality of fine art which in turn has laid the foundation of Rob’s free spirited journey of  personal creative expression.

At the root of Rob Macintosh’s work is his passion for art, for the outdoors and for the work and interpretation of many of his principal influences. These include Carl Brenders, Terry Isaac, Ray Swanson, and photo realist Richard Estes among many others.

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