What is Photorealism?

This is a style of art that evolved in the United States during the 1970s from a pop art root, and largely as a reaction against minimalism and abstract expressionism. Usually, examples of photorealism make use of photographic material as a basis of creating work which is a tacit acceptance of the camera and photographs as legitimate sources which are, in effect, an acceptance of Modernism. The end result is intended to be an intense expression of realism as an advance on a two-dimensional photographic image


Photorealism as a movement almost invites hyperrealism as a developmental advance. This style attempts to impose an additional visual dynamic upon a concept of photorealism allowing for illusion and expression. Both schools are based on the artist’s objective of articulating a visual symbol at least as well, and in many cases better, than can be achieved with the mechanical eye of a camera.

Rob Macintosh, perhaps thanks to his multidisciplinary approach to art, merges photorealism and hyperrealism throughout the spectrum of his work, while always maintaining a traditionalists emphasis on craftsmanship. He is a master at the creation of a three-dimensional composition from a two-dimension source, which allows the viewer to play an impartial role as an observer within every scene…

Throughout his career, Rob has clung to his individuality and has as a consequence carved an important place for himself in the field of art. It is his belief that people fundamentally strive for an understanding of their environment that inspires him towards a realistic yet interpretative expression of that environment…

Rob’s Technique

Rob uses photographs as a source but adds living energy that cannot be found in the original photograph. Rob’s brushstrokes are seamlessly executed in a manner that almost obliterates any evidence of human touch. He crams his compositions with visual effects and a surfeit of light and mood. His work is classified as photorealist, but as an accomplished practitioner of his art, a good painter will always remain a good painter…

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